Useberry’s 2023 Recap: Advancing UX Research

Graphic for Useberry's 'A Year in Review' blog post with '2023' in large red numbers centered on a dark background, with a backward-pointing blue arrow on the right, signifying reflection on the past year

We’re thrilled to present an infographic review of our 2023 achievements at Useberry, highlighting key milestones and your impactful use of our UX research platform.

At Useberry, our vision has always been centered on the transformative power of user experience (UX) research. As we reflect on 2023, it’s clear that our journey has been about much more than developing features; it’s been about fostering a community where insights, innovation, and user-centricity converge to shape exceptional products.

In this spirit, we share with you our Year in Review, a celebration of the milestones we’ve achieved together and a glimpse into the exciting future we’re building. Here’s to another year of breaking barriers, pushing boundaries, and redefining the UX landscape. 🍓

Top Features We Shipped

From subtle refinements that elevated user experience to groundbreaking product launches that transformed user testing, this collection represents the pinnacle of our efforts. Each feature embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of user-centric design, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the versatility of Useberry.

We’ve seen teams break down barriers, merging their creative and analytical talents to explore new depths of user understanding. Our focus has been on creating tools that don’t just collect data but narrate the story behind user interactions.

The spotlight of 2023 was the launch of Useberry 3.0. This wasn’t just an update; it was a transformation aimed at making UX research more intuitive, adaptable, and collaborative than ever. We believe that the best products are born out of ongoing conversations, not just one-off exchanges of ideas. This is why our platform is built to support continuous collaboration and iterative improvement.

Overview of Useberry 3.0 features, including 'Team Collaboration,' 'Click Tracking,' 'User Flows,' 'Templates,' and 'Figma Testing.' Highlighted improvements are 'Video for Mobile,' 'Notifications,' 'Data Security,' 'Screen Delay,' and 'Recording Permissions,' presented with colorful graphics and text on a dark background. Banner proclaims 'Features Kept Growing' to indicate ongoing enhancement.

Useberry platform evolution included:

Team Collaboration

Enhance teamwork with member status for real-time updates and customizable workspaces. Streamline management with clear team roles and integrated comments for communication. Secure access via Single Sign-On (SSO) and share insights with shareable results.

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Click Tracking Updates

Enhance data analysis using segments and filters. Discover user behaviors through in-depth screen statistics and area-specific click tracking.

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User Flows Reimagined

Optimize user experience with an advanced navigation analysis and customizable flow controls. Integrated screen views provide a comprehensive user journey overview.

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Figma Prototype Testing

Enhance Figma testing with interactive component analysis, dynamic click tracking, advanced User Flows, and improved Session Recordings for comprehensive insights.

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Ready-Made Templates

19 expertly designed UX research templates significantly reduced setup times and streamlined the study process.

Year-Round Innovations

We kept on growing. 2023 was a year of continued innovation, with several new features enhancing Useberry’s toolkit.

  • Video Shoots for mobile allow for a new dimension of user insights and customizable recording permissions for tailored research management.
  • PII Data Security for website usability testing recordings for enhanced privacy and completion screen delays for improved user engagement.

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About Our Users

But it’s not just about the features. It’s about the people who use them. In 2023, our users achieved remarkable things, and the numbers tell a story of engagement, expansion, and exploration. The surge in our global user community and the incredible engagement levels we’ve seen this year are testaments to the vibrant Useberry community. Every heatmap generated, every prototype tested, and every insight gained is a step forward in our collective quest for excellence.

Infographic titled 'User Activity' for Useberry, presenting a snapshot of usage patterns. The 'Our Users' section shows a 53% increase in users, 39% daily login rate, and Useberry's reach in 132 countries. 'Building Studies' highlights over 3,500 websites imported, 47,000 prototypes imported, 245,000 blocks for studies, and the top 3 template uses. 'Testing' reports 25,000 studies published, over 840,000 product tests by users, and 36% recruitment from the participant pool. 'Results Generated' reveals over 1 million heatmaps, 546,000 session recordings viewed, and over 700,000 user flows generated. The color-coded blocks with key statistics offer a visual summary of user engagement and platform growth
  • User Growth: We saw a 53% increase in our user base, with more professionals turning to Useberry for their UX needs.
  • Participants Recruited: Over 840,000 people participated in your studies.
  • Prototypes and Websites Tested: 47,000 prototypes and 3,500 live websites were imported. A testament to your continuous discovery.
  • Studies Published: You sent out 25,000 studies!
  • Participant Pool Engagement: 36% of user testing participants were recruited through our Participant Pool, highlighting its growing importance in the UX research process.
  • Analytics Utilization: You generated a record number of insights; over 1 Million Heatmaps, 546,000 Session Recordings, over 700,000 User Flows, and 5,000 Video Shoots watched, leveraging our analytics tools to gain deeper insights into user behavior.
  • Testing Methods: You used a combination of our research methods with 245,000 blocks used to build your studies.
  • Global Expansion: Our user base expanded to new countries. You are spread all around the world in 132 countries.
  • Daily Engagement: 39% of our users login at least once per day, reflecting the platform’s integral role in your workflow.
  • Top Templates: Your top 3 favorite templates were:

The Useberry Team

Our team is the heart of Useberry, and in 2023, we grew not just in numbers but also in collective passion and shared purpose. We welcomed new members, growing our team by 50%, each bringing fresh ideas and perspectives. Each member became an integral part of our vision towards redefining UX research.

Colorful infographic displaying Useberry Team's stats: '50% growth in team size,' photos from UX community events, '380K lines of code written,' and fun facts like '8.7 pizza slices eaten weekly,' a 'Sweet vs. Salty' snack debate, '20 office pets,' and '523K steps to the coffee machine.' Light-hearted visuals emphasize team culture and productivity.

Website Redesign

2023 also marked a significant phase in our brand evolution, capturing the essence of Useberry’s vibrant and user-centric approach. We gave our website a fresh new look, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Banner for Useberry's website redesign, highlighting new features for a user-friendly experience. Includes a senior designer's testimonial, target audience selection tools, UX research templates, and a CTA to create better product experiences. Visuals feature interface screenshots, user demographics, and colorful icons.

2024 and the Future of UX

As we look ahead to 2024, we’re excited about the possibilities that lie in the intersection of product development, design, and human insight. We see Useberry not just as a tool but as a partner in your UX journey, a collaborator in your creative process, and a catalyst in your quest for product excellence.

Graphic titled '2024 & beyond' set against a space-themed background, illustrating the UX design process as an orbital journey with stages labeled 'Discover to Design,' 'Test,' and 'Transform.' Central to the image is the Useberry logo, surrounded by icons representing different stages of user experience, including a video play symbol, a checklist, and a desktop monitor. The tagline reads 'In this UX voyage, what mysteries lie ahead? Explore a universe of user experiences, rich in insights & innovation."

Thank you for being part of our story. Your support, feedback, and passion for UX are what drive us forward. Brace yourself for a research odyssey filled with insights, innovation, and a universe of user experiences waiting to be explored. 🚀

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