Useberry x Friends of Figma Athens UX Workshop Recap

Friends of Figma Athens and Useberry Workshop

Explore the highlights from the Useberry x Friends of Figma Athens workshop, where mastering usability testing took center stage.

Belonging is great! When a group of people has similar goals, starts expanding, welcomes everyone, and is always there to share ideas about UX, that’s what the Useberry Community is all about.

The Workshop

Mastering usability testing with friends of figma athens and useberry

On April 13th, something really cool went down in the Greek UX landscape! We teamed up with Friends of Figma Athens, led by Socrates Charisis, for our very first in-person workshop, where we tested Figma prototypes within Useberry and analyzed usability testing through teamwork, collaborative brainstorming, and hands-on practice. Here’s a quick rundown:

mastering usability testing workshop agenda

Design Challenge in Action

Led by our very own George Kordatos, Head of Design at Useberry, workshop attendees embarked on a 90-minute journey to create 4 user-centric interfaces for an eCommerce app: home and product, cart, and checkout screens. From understanding the brief to creating Figma prototypes, adding color, images, and several design elements, it was all about putting creativity into action first, all while seeing how easy it is to integrate the two platforms, Figma & Useberry.

ux research workflow

Next step was to seamlessly transition into the usability testing phase using Useberry. Guided by Harry Karanatsios, our Lead UX Researcher, attendees learned how to create customized usability tests to meet their design goals precisely. Harry demonstrated the Useberry UX Research platform and showed how to effectively combine different blocks to meet research goals precisely.

mastering usability testing workshop

Recruit Participants from Useberry’s Pool

After crafting their user-centric interfaces, attendees were eager to put their designs to the test phase with real users. Leveraging Useberry’s extensive Participant Pool, workshop attendees learned how to select the right participants and easily shared links with their own users for actual feedback on their designs.

Analyze Findings

Once feedback was collected, attendees moved into the analysis phase to uncover insights that would shape their design iterations. Guided by Harry, attendees learned how to pinpoint areas of friction or delight within their designs. We discussed various analytical techniques, from qualitative to quantitative data interpretation, empowering workshop attendees with actionable insights.

Report to Stakeholders

Convincing stakeholders to prioritize user-centric design can be one of the most challenging tasks in the whole design process. So, starting from this point, attendees were equipped with a valuable tool to streamline their communication efforts: a ready-made report template tailored for sharing usability testing findings with stakeholders. Developed by our expert team, this template provided a structured framework for presenting key insights and actionable recommendations, acting as a guide to streamline a smarter decision-making process.

The Talks

mastering usability testing workshop speakers and hands-on practice

Getting hands-on with new techniques and tools can raise questions and that’s why we were thrilled to host a dedicated Q&A session at the end!

During our talks, we noticed a common thread among the questions: reporting and stakeholder buy-in. And we were fully prepared, sharing with everyone a report template, serving as a powerful tool for translating usability test findings into actionable insights, making it easier than ever to convey the impact of user feedback to stakeholders.

We can’t wait to see you in the next ones

We had a great time and received very good feedback!

This is just the beginning of more live, in-person events like this, where we can’t wait to connect, learn, and grow together. Special thanks once again to our Friends of Figma Athens for this great workshop!

Stay tuned for more exciting events in 2024!

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