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5 must-watch videos for Product Managers

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After receiving your positive feedback for the list of 5 must-watch TedX talks we created on User Experience – you can see the list here – we decided to listen to your request and create a similar list but for product managers this time.

As I’ve mentioned previously, in my other articles, new product development is not an easy task. The extremely competitive landscape in the SaaS industry requires that product managers are always one or even two steps ahead. 

Now, unlike UX, the product development topic is fairly popular and one can easily get lost in a sea of promising NPD videos that aspire to get your attention.

To save you some precious time and effort, here is my list with the 5 videos that I think you should watch right now.

1st TedX talk by Mr. Ivan Poupyrev

Why you need to watch this:

This talk will get you warmed up for the rest of the videos I recommend. I included this video in the list because It is thought-provoking and hopefully will trigger your next big idea.

2nd TedX talk by Mr. Tom Wujec

Why you need to watch this:

Having a top-performing team is crucial in creating a new product. The reason you got to watch this video, is that It will surely make you think outside of the box and will possibly lead you in new management paths. 

3rd TedX talk by Simon Sinek

Why you need to watch this:

In this rather old TEDx talk, Simon Sinek, a popular motivational speaker, talks on leadership and how we can empower our teams to stay motivated and innovative.

4th TedX talk by Mr. Steve jobs

Why you need to watch this:

While Steve Jobs was a great product manager himself, this talk goes a little bit deeper than just discussing product development or anything close to it. It’s a fact, that in order to maximize your performance as a product manager, you have to watch the long-debated work-life balance and this is exactly the message that he’s trying to put across in his speech at Stanford University. 

5th TedX talk by Mr. Joe Gebbia

Why you need to watch this:

This TEDx talk by Joe Gebbia, who co-created Airbnb, will convince you -no matter how skeptical you are- that everything is relative. This success story goes on to teach us that perspective is the key to create anything, especially on the web.

Teo Tokis Co-founder at useberry
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