5 must-watch TEDx talks on UX

5 must-watch TEDx talks on UX

When it comes to UX, there are many resources that can help you improve your knowledge. Sometimes, hearing directly from the best is more effective.

So, before we begin, I want to confess that today’s article is a little bit lighter than the previous ones. 

The weather outside got really cold, so staying home appears to be the only option, thus there’s plenty of time to relax on your couch and have some quality time by watching videos about – what else – UX.

At least that’s what I did in the previous week. After doing extensive research on the web about classic TEDx talks on UX I literally found tons of them!

Now, you might ask “Did I really watch all of them?” and the answer is yes!

Okay, some of them were familiar, meaning I had watched them again in the past, but for the sake of writing this article, I put in the extra effort…

Anyway, here’s the list of the 5 must-watch TEDx talks on UX:

1st TEDx talk by Mr. Phill Motuzas

Why you should watch it:

The technological advancements of the period that we are entering demand UX to be viewed holistically. The presenter of this TEDx talk explains his ideas in good depth and provides good examples. 

2nd TEDx talk by Ms. Rochelle King

Why you should watch it:

If you are in the same room with the senior designer of Spotify you surely need to listen to what she has to say. In this talk, she focuses on redesigning a world-class website based on data, not assumptions.

3rd TEDx talk by Don Norman

Why you should watch it:

While not something new, it’s always good to get back to basics. This classic TedX talk by the legend Don Norman himself -who hasn’t read his best sellers..- is strongly recommended if you haven’t watched it yet.

4th TEDx talk by David Kelley

Why you should watch it:

UX has become a rather multifacet concept that requires a combination of virtues to take it to the next level. Learning from the experiences of others -especially when this other is Mr. Kelley- is the best way to craft future concepts. If I had to choose a winner from all the videos I am suggesting here, this would be the one.

5th talk by Mr. Navin Iyengar

Why you should watch it:

Not a TEDx talk but It doesn’t have to be one anyway. This video by Mr. Iyengar is an eye-opener and It serves as good food for thought for how we should all approach the design of our products’ experiences. Oh, and it’s Netflix’s product designer who is talking. Did I say enough?

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