20 Figma essential plugins

Figma plugins

There are thousands of plugins published to the Figma Community. Here are 20 that can power up your workflow and take it to the next level.

Figma is one of my favorite design tools.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every single design tool out there since it moves the whole UX industry forward.

But it is a fact that Figma allows literally everyone to start getting their hands dirty with designs and prototypes because it a) has a flat learning curve and b) it has a free plan -that does the job most of the time.

So yes, there are other better design tools out there but the scope of this post is not to compare and contrast design tools so let’s get to the point.

Figma’s decision to open a plugins repository was, IMO, the dawn of a new era since It gives its users and 3rd party developers the power to take Figma to the next level.

To make your life a little bit easier, I gathered the 20 most necessary plugins that you need to give a try (I’m sure that most of you are already using them) in 2020. Oh, I also divided them into categories so you will find what you want easily. 

Here it goes,

  1. Accessibility
  2. Collaboration
  3. Productivity
  4. Dev
  5. Animations
  6. Other Figma plugins
  7. Optimization


Accessibility is everything in your designs and prototypes. This is no news.  It is important therefore to put the extra effort to make our designs fully accessible. With these plugins, you will save time and effort too.

Color Blind


Able – Friction free accessibility

AY11 – Color Contrast checker

The contrast checker ensures that your text would be readable based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


For years, we stressed the importance of having collaboration tools on our platforms. Thanks to these plugins our life got easier.

Product planner

Perfect for product managers & planners.

Figma chat

This plugin helps you chat inside your files with your teammates.


With these handy tools, you will save precious time and skyrocket your performance. If you haven’t tried them do so now 😉

Rename It

Rename layers and components and keep your files organized.

Component Cloner

With the component cloner, you can select component instances you want to copy and they’ll be assigned to a new copy of their original master component.

Icon resizer

Resize icons from multiple sources.

Super tidy

Easily align, rename and reorder your frames based on their canvas position.

Find and replace

Find layers and texts on your file and replace them like a text editor.


Create beautiful prototype flows in Figma with Autoflow.


Aligning your designs or prototypes with the real code has never been easier.


Interplay imports your design system code repository and lets you design with code components in Figma.


Nothing new to mention here. A useful plugin for animations. If you don’t use it already, do so now.


Create animations right in Figma.

Other Figma plugins

Image pallete

Image pallets plugin uses a median cut algorithm to extracts a color palette of 5 different colors from the selected images.

Color search

View all the selected colors with color search plugin.

Content reel

Make your designs look real. Enter data with Content reel.


A very useful plugin for finding icons from 50+ different icon sets. 

Figma User Testing and Optimization of Design


Improve usability with Visualeyes attention heatmaps.

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